Tips to Hire Birthday Videographer and Photographer


Birthdays are memorable part of your loved one’s lives and surely, you will want to capture every event and every emotion of the day. However, this might be ruined completely if there were no photography or videography done. You might be a do-it-yourselfer who wants to do it yourself because you have that confidence. Though this is a self-satisfactory approach, but if the birthday event involves a lot of guests and hosting, it will quite not be possible for you to capture the birthday without leaving your guests. In addition, you cannot do both – videography and photography, you cannot be present everywhere at a time.

This calls for the need of hiring professional birthday videographers and photographers.

Nevertheless, hiring them will not rest your mind at peace unless you are sure of their professionalism, creativity, and capabilities to deliver what you are expecting. How to be sure of them? How to evaluate them correctly?

Here is a list of things you can do to hire the right birthday videographers and photographers for your special one’s birthday.

  1. Look into their recent projects – Sometimes, it is hard to find recent projects on the official sites, if this were the case, look into their social media profiles like Facebook and Instagram. Not only will this help you to look into their different projects, you might eventually find one or two of their clienteles to discuss their experience with you. This will help you decide whether to hire the company. When looking into the projects, do not get dazzled by the beauty of the photographs or videos, see if they depict what they should. Is there anything out of the box or striking about them? If not, move on to the next.
  1. Prices – Payments are unavoidably important part of hiring the company and should be paid adequate attention and care. Getting several quotes, comparing them, and considering the quality will help you find the best priced and cost worthy company to cover your event.
  1. Discussions – When you find a company that meets your expectations and fits your budget, contact them. Arrange for a meeting, do online discussions, or call them. Discuss with them about the number of photographers and videographers you require, your expectations, negotiate the budget, and ask them about their experience, projects, requirements, and suggestions.
  1. Gut instinct – Once, the discussion is over, go with your instincts. Make the best deal, birthday comes every year but never the same twice.

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