Indian Wedding Photographers – A Couple Shoot


There are numerous things a photographer is expected to take care of while shooting an Indian wedding. The vastness and variety of Indian wedding ceremony can be demanding and difficult to handle. However, to begin with, the most challenging shoot can be of the wedding couple. Since, the entire marriage is specifically their event; it is only obvious that they will want a memorable photo-shoot.

This might sometimes pressurize or frighten the wedding photographer and affect his potential – negatively. This will certainly not help. However, the guidelines enlisted below might help an Indian wedding photographer to conduct an outstanding and impressive couple photo-shoot.

Couple photo-shoots can be conducted twice – before and after the ceremonies, i.e. pre-wedding shoot and post-wedding shoot. This can be done for several reasons.


The main purpose of a wedding couple shoot is to capture different momentous emotions of the bride and the groom before and after the wedding. While, the pre-wedding shoot will capture the excitement and apprehension of the pair, a post-wedding shoot will capture the tranquility and all the sparkle brought by the new bond.


Pre-wedding shoot is mostly conducted days before the marriage, however, if you discuss and convince the couple to make time before the main ceremony, you might as well grab the opportunity to capture them in their wedding clothes. The emotions will be at their best and the faces will be fresh.

If the couple agrees, you will have to plan everything beforehand, since they will not have much time to for the shoot. The planning will involve the venue of shoot, the poses and different angles and frames that you will intend for.

Post-wedding shoot can be conducted at least a day after the marriage to let the couple savor the newness of everything, look fresh and flash vibrant smiles.

While you may have much time for this shoot, the planning is necessary.  Costume and make-up are essential in every photo-shoot, take care timing complements those elements.


A thorough discussion can be made with the couple itself about which location they would like to be shot at. The preferences may vary, given that every couple has their own special venue of rendezvous.

The venue can include the place they first met, their locality where they spent their childhood, their houses, near the monument they visited the most, a famous tourist spot, or a place specifically for couples.

Being a photographer, you should know of the venue in advance to know that time of the day when lighting is perfect, if any permission is required, the frames that go along with the venue, your ideal photography gear and to prepare the plan of action.

Avoid backdrops


The photos need not speak individually for themselves. You can make them complementing and unique by setting a perfect theme. For a couple that was in love, you can theme the photographs based on their love story, beginning from when they first met. For the couple of arranged marriage, you can photograph based on a story line depicting how their life would have been had they been childhood friends, or photograph their lives separately until when they first met.

The themes are various to choose from when it comes to wedding-shoots. You can depict a vintage love story, a fairy tale, casual, glamour, old school, imagination, etc.

The supportive utilization of choosing to have a theme is that it can include both the shoots – pre-wedding and post-wedding, giving the story line a beginning and an end.

Props and Poses

Property can either make or break your photo-shoot. The best way to use right props is to understand whether or not they accompaniment the mood, ambiance and theme of the picture. For example, Indian traditional dresses for women usually have a veil (dupatta), which can be used as a prop for tranquil affectionate and traditional mood setting. Balloons and paper planes can be used for light mood. Pets are another unique and impressive prop that will be loved by both – bride and the groom.

Poses can be well studied and discussed beforehand with couple. Internet can be your best friend in this.

Digital Imaging

Try avoiding any imaging that alters the natural appearance of the photo.

Being a professional Indian Wedding Photographer, the last decision will be made by you, in accordance with your creativity and your own unique vision for each photograph.

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