Challenges in Indian Wedding Videography and How to Overcome Them


To capture an Indian Wedding in a video can be more than difficult taken that the Vedic wedding is full of several ceremonies and rituals with every little act full of significance. Since, the wedding is not just a tie between the bride and the groom, but two families, the focus of the camera is ever shifting from person to person. While, many people wish to be in the video, you cannot forget the bride in her magnificent wedding dress (red wedding gown, probably along with beautifully worn jewelry – lavish necklaces and earrings). There are angles that are not very easy to shoot from, for example, the entry of the groom riding a well-attired horse. Now that you as a wedding videographer require shooting both – the horse’s face and the groom’s face, you will need to walk backwards while facing the opposite side.

There are many other challenges that come up in Indian wedding photographer sydney. The wedding lasts for more than just one day. The rituals in both the families begin almost a week prior to the wedding date. Now, depending on whose videographer you are (bride’s or groom’s), you will require knowing all the ceremonies. These rituals are ancient and hold significance. Several little acts follow up like dance, music, exchange of gifts, preparations, etc.

While, you may get time and chances to shoot the rituals and ceremonies at home, the wedding day is different. It involves more people, more ceremonies, holds more significance, and there will probably be other videographers as well, hired by other family. Another important aspect to be considered is lightings. If you have to shoot a north Indian wedding, then you can be sure that it will extend until late at night or early morning. In which case, lighting will need special attention and planning. You might need artificial lighting for shooting the video.

However, opposite to north Indian Wedding, south Indian weddings take place early in morning. The flavors, attire, certain ceremonies keep changing from wedding to wedding based on which culture the wedding belongs to – Hindu, Jain, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Asamese, Bengali, Rajasthani, Marathi, or Kashmiri. Indian weddings are splendid, lavish, exquisite, and diverse.

Thus, it is important that the videographer is well aware of everything that is going to be a part of the ceremony, only then the little details of wedding will be captured, on time and right way. This includes the moment when the coconut splits; vermillion is put to bride, when the vows are read while the bride and groom walk the circle around the holy fire, etc.

Either the videographer must be well aware of all the customs (which can be tough since there are several customs to be followed), or should pay extreme attention to what is going on.

Indian weddings are exuberant and lively, colorful and majestic, making videography a fun experience. Thus, while, it may be challenging, but a wedding videographer can make it through if he enjoys it.

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