A Guide to Hire Photographers in Sydney for Indian Wedding photography


Imagine this,

The party is over, everyone is back to their homes, the wedding you have had anticipated has finally gone as good as you have had imagined, the flowers have withered, and you are in bed. In the warmth and comfort of the bed, the first unavoidable thought will be ‘I cannot wait to see the wedding photographs’. This anticipation will remain and build up until weeks. The same thought will ring in many other heads until the photographs arrive.

Now suppose,

You look at them and they are all very dislikable, infact, some of them look unprofessional and downright ugly. The lace of the dress does not seem as magical and neither does the bride. The flower arrangement does not look as beautiful and neither does the groom’s attire. Many important guests are not covered and your personal favorite arrangement of mandap looks ordinary.

Now you wonder,

What happened to the SLR digital camera that your best friend said was extraordinary? Your uncle was supposed to take amazing pictures given that it was his hobby. Your sister’s boyfriend did a photo-shoot at his nephew’s birthday and it was good.


Weddings are bigger than birthdays – more rituals, more guests, more things to consider, and much plethora of color and activities. It is impossible that an amateur or beginner will be able to cover all the activities in right angle. On one hand, the Varmala is going on while on the other, there is a cute little nephew of groom dressed in traditional attire grooving the dance floor.

Moreover, what are you left with?

Regret of a lifetime.

Disappointment per se can easily be saved by making a hire of a professional photographer.  Saving money sometimes can be a great let down especially when it comes to wedding photography. Indian weddings are a surfeit rainbow of color, music, dance, food, people, rituals, celebration, decoration, and beautiful attires. When the wedding is taking place outside India, it is important that right photographer should be hired.

There are certain questions that can help determine whether the photographer is eligible or not.

Questions to ask the photographer before making the hire

  1. How much the photographer knows about Indian weddings?
  2. What does the photographer look in the wedding?
  3. Expertise in both technical and artistic aspects
  4. How are their interpersonal skills?
  5. Are they professionals or part time?
  6. How many assistants will they require and then their expertise.
  7. Do they have a personal style or you get to choose the style?
  8. Are they insured?
  9. What happens if the photography results are unsatisfactory or bad?
  10. What are the required contracts or documentations?

Mistakes not to commit when hiring

  1. Choosing album over the wedding photography – Many a times people make a huge mistake of adjusting the wedding budget by investing more in the album and settling with unprofessional photography. Consider the following 6-7 years, the chances of renewing the album and covering photos in expensive packages will be numerous, while, chances to take wedding photos once the wedding day is over are nil. Therefore, never make the mistake of choosing the album over photography, there is no good in watching ill photos in expensive packages.
  1. Cheap photography packages over professional pictures – Your best friend or friendly uncle may own a digital camera but that will not ensure good pictures. There are several different angles, styles, and filters that only a professional will be able to make the right use of at the right place. Cheap might sound good at the time, but down the lane no bride or groom would want to look at their wedding photo album and not cherish it because the photos were unlikable. Therefore, make a budget and adjust the photography in a way that your memories are cheery and happy when you look back at them.
  1. Neglecting photographer’s personality – It will not be very cheerful when someone looks at a particular photo from the wedding and thinks about ‘that cranky photographer’ or remembers ‘that photographer who was very irritating while taking this picture of me’. Photographer may not be family or friend but he/she will definitely be a very substantial part of the wedding that everyone will have to deal with. Therefore, in order to not ruin the essence of photos with photographer’s ill attitude, it is essential to hire a photographer who walks around with jovial and brightening personality.
  1. Making a hire based on a few good photos – There are several Indian wedding photographers sydney that ensure good work and make it quite evident through their portfolio. However, is the evidence reliable? The portfolio is usually full of best works of a photographer, not all works of the photographer. Therefore, it is always better to meet the photographer, and discuss the experience before settling for an amateur that displays a fraction of his/her work. Don’t leave wedding photography on chance.

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