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longman-studios-harris-park-photographers-logo-5396-184x138Indian weddings are a plethora of ceremonies, costumes, colors, and lightings. There is more than just one thing that appeals to the eye and adds to the ambience. Thus, a detailed photography is almost too important for any Indian wedding photographer.

Indian weddings, however, involve variety in traditions, ceremonies, rituals, as well as attire due to cultural diversity. A wedding photographer sydney, who aspires to shoot an Indian wedding in all its beauty and colors, must be well informed about what he/she has to shoot.

The weddings are full of abstract elements like music and feelings that are seldom easy to capture in a photograph. While, it is tough, Indian weddings are full of them, infact several ceremonies are based alone on dance and music. Thus, it is important that the photographer do his homework and plans on how he will make such photographs possible, beforehand.

Music is not alone in the detail-list; there are several other elements that account for grandeur of Indian Weddings and of which the photographer needs to take care throughout detailed photography.

Venue – plays an important part

The venue of wedding is not to be ignored; it has its own significance. The two families usually decide on the venue based on various significant reasons like cultural implication, to add to the grandeur of the marriage, for the beauty of it, the history of the venue, etc. Thus, the venue plays an important part and must be considered by photographer.

Sometimes, the venue is the house of one of the families itself, in which case several other details come into light like, old photographs portraying old memories, etc.

Decorations – show up before everyone else

Decorations of an Indian wedding are all worth noticing for many reasons – the beauty of it, hard work, and heart that are put in it, and the feeling of awe it brings. The decorations also vary from wedding to wedding depending on the taste of people. These decorations involve color theme, ribbons, may involve a theme for the wedding (most popular among Indian wedding is the royal theme), flower arrangements, curtains, etc. These themes influence the jewelry, attire, food, venues, and even wedding car. Therefore, you cannot miss to show the relation between all, by not shooting the decorations of wedding. They also make the wedding look splendid.

The best way to do so is showing up before anyone. It is easier to manage photographs that are solely dedicated to decorations with lesser people around. However, based on your personal perspective, you can try clicking pictures with the bride or both bride and groom, lesser guests around or use the decorations as foreground elements.

However, do not overdo it; it is a wedding shoot not still photography.

Attire – Attires of bride and groom vary from culture to culture

The attires of Indian weddings are half the reason behind the colorful ambience of the wedding. While, there may or may not be a dress code, there will be variety in all the dresses. The attires of the day, however, are of bride and groom.

These attires also vary based on cultures and wedding themes. All the attires call for a traditional ambience and richness of glamour. This cannot be ignored. With the attire comes henna and jewelry (especially bridal). The jewelry might be gold or just flowers, but it can make excellent detail photos, especially if taken candidly.

Flowers – in different ceremonies as well as in flower arrangements

Be it decorations, jewelry, ceremonies, or arrangements, flowers are everywhere. Flowers are one of the most time-consuming and expensive preparation that is made by families in weddings. Thus, they are all worth some good photographs. Any flower vase can be shot as a portrait, or short zoom photos can be clicked. Flowers also play a keen role in most ceremonies of Indian weddings.

Another example has already been mentioned in preceding paragraph about flowers used as bridal jewelry.

Ceremonies and games

Different ceremonies and rituals in a wedding use different elements that are of significance. A keen photographer will require knowing the details of all-important rituals that will be performed during wedding, in order to be able to capture some excellent detailed photographs. If you do not know that there is going to be a flower shower on bride and groom during one of the several rituals (Varmala), you will miss the opportunity of taking photographs of it, since it will not last for more than a few seconds.

Apart from all rituals, there are fun games for bride and groom, which are worth capturing. The air is full of fun and expressions of joy replace the modest and coy faces of bride and groom – a perfect chance of clicking their facial expressions.

Behind the scenes

The most anticipated photographs from behind the scenes of any wedding are of bridal preparations. While, they make for beautiful photographs there are other happenstances that can make equally interesting photos, for example, little celebrations, friends and families involved in decorations, singing and dancing, preparation of attire, food, and venue, etc.


Who doesn’t like close up shots of their faces? Exactly. Take portrait shots of bride, groom, close family members, and friends. While, you cannot take everyone’s photos, the significant ones will cost nothing. These photos might call in for black and white, candid, and traditional photography, depending on your perspective or vision for the photo as a professional wedding photographer.

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