Advice from a Wedding Photographer


Wedding is a one-in-a-lifetime ceremony that is full of new hopes, happiness and celebration of all sorts – dance, music, blessings and party. The one time when all your loved ones are around you, equally happy and cheerful. It is a collection of moments full of immense happiness and surely you would want all of them captured by your wedding photographers.

To get the best outcomes, here are some advices straightaway from the professionals that could result in satisfaction and content.

The weather does not matter – Most of the disappointment begins with weather. Imagine if you were expecting  your wedding photos bright and shining under the sunshine, and it rained. You would be disappointed, right? But, according to professional photographers it does not matter whether the weather is sunny, cloudy or rainy. You can always get perfect pictures naturally just by being genuinely cheery. Your hair might be dripping and clothes clinging to your skin, but you would look like those happy, sassy couple who did not give a toss and celebrated anyway. The wedding is always more important than the weather. Thus, cheery faces with rainwater dripping all over them will look better than artificial poses under sunshine.

Trust them – Some photographers might ask you to come aside for a while. Understand that this is because of a reason –  maybe they found a perfect venue for your picture, perfect lighting or maybe they found you looking gorgeous. They might even ask you to pose strangely or funnily. Do not doubt them or hesitate. You never know what they were thinking unless you see the photograph. Contemplate that someday you will look back and it may be those silly pictures that will evoke the best of emotions in your heart. All the time and efforts that your professional photographer will ask you to make will eventually pay off when you will look at your pictures.

There is a reason it is expensive –  Many clients are also worried and complaining about the price of their wedding photography. There is a reason it is expensive. While, it might seem to be very easy a task to pick on any random camera and clicking shots, it doesn’t work this way. Photography consumes a lot of time and efforts, almost 6-7 days. Plus, there is so much preparation done before the wedding actually takes place. Proper equipments have to be gathered, training is done,the insurance is purchased, and creativity also takes equal efforts when they think of different angles, lightings, poses and a backup plan for all uncertainties.

Discussions – The best you can do to avoid any disappointment on both sides is discuss about expectations, requirements and implementation. The expenses can be studied beforehand with all extra charges if any. The copyrights of the pictures will be held by whom? Every little detail is necessary to be discussed. It will save both from mistakes and events that my turn into disappointment.


Do not rush them – Once the photographer has given the deadline of delivering the photos, do not rush him before the deadline passes. The times and patience will show results. Let the photographer take his time so that he is able to do his best. Rushing him would mean hasty work and the frustration will show in the photographs.

Get a pre-wedding shoot – Sometimes, the bride and the groom are conscious about themselves – maybe they don’t find their left profile as appealing as the right one or may be the bride wants her eyes to be focused on more than her smile. Ambiguity of such details can result in dissatisfaction. The best way to deal with it is conducting a pre-wedding shoot. It will help all of you determine what pose or angle will be the best. If you look more photogenic in black and white photos.

However, photographers also suggest that a happy bride will look good no matter what than a bride who is nervous and self-conscious.

Avoid too much of grouping – We understand that the wedding is an event that witnesses the presence of all your loved ones and you would want all of them to be in your wedding photos to someday look back at them in the future. But, grouping them again and again will not be the ideal solution. It will take the photographer’s focus away from guests who are enjoying themselves (and will probably make better photos). While, you can ask the closest (family and friends)  to get group photos with you, let the others be captured in their natural selves.

Tell them everything of your plan – If you are planning something special like lanterns, candles or flowers, do not hide it from the photographer. Tell them so that he is readily present their with planned photographic ideas. It will save time and effort and generate best photographs.

Don’t keep unrealistic expectations –  Yes! You might have been motivated from movies or pinterest or Instagram. But, do not send your wedding photographers their links. You might want to tell tem what kind of photos you wish for, but unrealistic ideas posted  on multimedia will do no good. These pictures are taken well-defined and in several takes for the purpose of posting them. You in your wedding will not be able to giv to too much time and efforts while turning your back against ceremony, guests, dances and party.

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