Professional Wedding Photographers In Sydney

Wedding is very special day that comes in everyone’s life, and now everyone wants to capture that day in the camera and keep that moment alive for the years to come.

394-6Doesn’t matter what type of wedding is our team have years of experience and knowledge of every type of wedding like Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, christen wedding, etc. They know about the rituals, functions and so on that happen in the wedding and they capture that celebration in the cameras.

We take pictures through our new advanced cameras that give more beautiful picture. We’ve different types of photographers such as:

  1. The enthusiast paparazzi
  2. The friend
  3. The antsy
  4. Emotional
  5. Glutton
  6. Gadget man

Every photographer knows their job and work; they only capture their part like the glutton photographer click pictures on the time food cession. Our photographer knows what type of picture you want to click and have in your album our most demanding shots is:

  1. The ‘oh look’, an vintage bike shot
  2. The horizontal bride shot
  3. The food fight shot because that’s look so cute
  4. Ground jump shot
  5. Cigar shot
  6. Running together shot

We’re our know for our specialization in candid story-telling photography, our style of capturing the picture is photojournalistic with the fine-arts.Longman Studios is famous best wedding photographer Sydney captures every single moment of your celebration before marriage or on the wedding day like laughter, dancing, tears you’ve in your eyes, etc. you’ll see later that we capture those moments that might be you missed and then you’ll enjoy after watching the pictures.

We’re not just your photographers, we’re your dream catchers, story- teller, we’ll help you in remembering your most special day though images in a beautiful wedding album. Every couple, religion, rituals are different from each other that reflect your lifestyle, and personalities, the pictures come up with their own story.

We’ll work with you for creating the spontaneous and give the natural look to your wedding photos with the minimal of posing or putting artistry into your every image.

Now there is trend become of pre-wedding shoot, and bachelor’s party shoot. The bride & groom want to click some beautiful picture in the different outfits on the different places. We provide them an experienced photographer who’ll give some suggestions of possess, makeup, etc. that make your picture more attractive.

We offer affordable and attractive packages for the wedding shoot also we do the destination wedding shoot on some request.

Contact us for knowing more about the photography packages and book us for making your day more special.


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