Wedding photographers in Sydney | Longman Studios

Capturing the most special day of your life with us, wedding plays an important role in everyone’s life, and everyone wants to captured that moment and have it with them for the years to come and they can share with their children’s, family and friends.


It’s an photography of many activities that related to the wedding, it encompasses the photographs of the bride and groom before marriage as well as the captures your whole wedding and reception part. You’ll get many types of photographers for your wedding like

  1. The friend
  2. The glutton
  3. The emotional
  4. The chatterbox
  5. The playboy

You can choose one of them or take all for capturing more pictures with emotions, love, and happiness. It doesn’t matter what type of region, cast you belong or what type of wedding you were doing, our team of photographers have knowledge of every type of wedding like Bangladeshi, Pakistani, christen, Indian wedding etc. they know about the rituals, functions that happen in every wedding and they captures that celebration in the cameras.

Our photographers know their job and work, they understand your point that what type of picture you want and have in your album and people demanded our some shorts like

  1. Running together shot
  2. An vintage bike shot that’s ‘oh look’
  3. Food fight shot because its look very cute
  4. Cigar shot
  5. The horizontal bride shot
  6. Ground jump shot

We’re known for our specialization in photography, we capture every picture with the fine arts, our team click every single moment of your marriage or before marriage day, you can’t missed anything because we click every moment. we’re your dream catchers, tells story through our pictures, we’ll be the part of your wedding give you the most remembering moments that you never forget in the form of pictures in the beautiful and attractive album. Every ritual, couple is different from each other that’s reflect your lifestyle, the picture give result as just you want and pictures tells their own story.

We used advanced technology of cameras for getting more effective or better quality of picture. Apart from the wedding photographers, Monty Duggal is famous Wedding photographers in Sydney. We provide you the photographers for your pre- wedding shoot, engagement shoot, bachelor’s party, etc.

You can contact us at any time for making your special day more special with our photographers; you can see our website for knowing more also get the idea that how we work.

Longman Studios
Longman Studios 93 Wigram Street Harris Park, NSW 2150
Email us:
call us: Monty Duggal: 0458 673913 Landline: 02 9613 0731



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