Longman Studios A Best Wedding Photographer In Sydney

Wedding day is special and precious moment that comes in everyone’s life. Capture every moment in pictures and keep it with you for so many years and share with your family& friends at any time. We’re here to provide best photographers who capture each n every moment of your wedding day.


We cover all religion & country wedding photography like we’ve:

  1. Pakistani wedding photographers
  2. Indian wedding photographers
  3. Bangladeshi wedding photographers
  4. Christen wedding photographers
  5. Sri Lanka wedding photographers

Our team of professional photographers has years of experience and they’ve unique ideas for taking the beautiful picture in unique poses also every different shot everyone wants in their wedding album like:

  1. The oh look or vintage bike shot
  2. Horizontal bride shot
  3. Cigar shot
  4. The running shot
  5. Ground jump shot
  6. Food fight shot because its look so cute
  7. Holding each other hands shot
  8. Bride & groom looks into each others eyes shot
  9. Dress shot of both bride & groom dresses

In wedding there are so many rituals and functions in during the whole day of wedding and before, what we do is our photographers capture or click everything during the functions or on the special day like they’ll capture the sangeet, dance, family photos, guest entering pictures, and so on. We assure you that during weeding or on the wedding day you’ll not miss anything because we’ve the best photographers who click everything.


There is no season for wedding here every day is an wedding day for someone, and capturing this everyone wants best photographers. We’re compatible because we’ve the professional photographers who’ll make your day more special and memorable. Our photographer’s team use new advanced cameras, lenses that’s click picture and give more attractive and beautiful result of picture.


We not only have wedding photographers in Sydney we’ve photographers for pre-wedding shoot, bachelors party shoot, Business Profile Shoot, Product Photo Shoot, Family Photo Shoot etc. after capturing everything we give it back to you in the form of beautiful wedding album. We also shoot from video cameras according to the client’s requirement, we always make sure that we give best quality of pictures that’s why we always check pictures before delivering if there any picture is not so important also don’t have the good quality like others then we deleted that picture from your album.

See our latest wedding projects and feel free to contact us at any time and make you special day more special with us.


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