Best Indian wedding photographers & Photography Inspiration

About us-

We’re one of the leading wedding photography companies in Sydney because of our best wedding photographers who’ve experience and professional in this field.

Longman Studios specialized in Indian wedding photography because we’ve best photographers for Indian wedding. We love to spread our services for making your day more special.13-1Best Indian wedding photographers-

They captures pictures with the perfections and that thing make them best wedding photographer. They’ve a different style of doing work, taking picture, etc. because they’ve years of experience, they use advanced new camera for getting the better picture quality, lenses, etc.

In Indian wedding photography there is so much fun in functions like dancing, music, etc. each ritual having deep meaning of it.

Different types of Indian wedding and their best wedding photographers-

  1. Marathi wedding photographers
  2. Hindu wedding photographers
  3. Christen wedding photographers
  4. Muslim wedding photographers
  5. Bengali wedding photographers
  6. Tamil wedding photographers
  7. Sikh wedding photographers
  8. Rajasthani wedding photographers
  9. Jain wedding photographers

Best Indian wedding Photographers knows how to photograph an Indian wedding-

  1. Have a meeting with bride and groom
  2. They know everything about wedding process like rituals, etc.
  3. Discuss everything about shot that what types of shot you want we take like candid shots, etc.
  4. If there is requirement of another photographer then they need second photographer for the same work
  5. Use lights for having the better picture quality
  6. Click family picture
  7. Photography coordinator
  8. After discussing all the things go for the shots and click the pictures

12-1Benefits of hiring the best Indian wedding photographers

  1. Feasibility
  2. They’re experienced as well as professionals
  3. Equipment
  4. Personalizes services
  5. Use new advanced photography

Main events in Indian wedding where the need of photographers is must

  1. Mehndi
  2. Sangeet
  3. Phere
  4. Reception
  5. Bidaai

Some styles of Indian wedding photographers-

  1. Crane camera photography
  2. Candid wedding photographer
  3. Traditional wedding photography
  4. Wedding cinematography
  5. Drone photography

Favorite shots of best Indian wedding photographers-

  1. Horizontal bride shot
  2. Cigar shot
  3. Hand in hand shot
  4. Vintage bike shot
  5. Family picture
  6. Jumping shot

Importance of best Indian wedding photographers-

  1. Plan everything together with your photographer
  2. Discuss the shots that you want in advance
  3. Set up locations ahead of time
  4. Assign family members to work with the photographers
  5. Gathering moments for the future

Contact us-

Just give us one call and talk to our experts. @Monty Duggal 0458 673913


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