Wedding Photographers Capture Every Single Activity

About us-

Longman Studios the one of the best wedding photography companies in Sydney. We’ve been photographing attractive and beautiful wedding pictures and portraits across the Sydney.

Longman Studios the professional photographers’ team members and they’re specialized in wedding photography in sydney for any type of wedding such as Punjabi wedding, Hindu Wedding, Muslim Wedding for any  country such  as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India.


We love to celebrate the relationship with you because it’s our job to give best pictures and make your day more special and you can get the beautiful memories to remember.

Want to know more about us, about our work, etc. just view our project galley.


Who’re the wedding photographers?

Wedding photographers capture every single activity that related to the wedding, they know everything about wedding rituals so that they’ll capture more pictures, etc. they don’t think that what type of wedding they’re going to capture they just went there and captures all the things in their cameras and makes your day more special.


Consider some points while considering the wedding photographer-

  1. See their portfolios
  2. Their personality
  3. Professionalism
  4. Planning
  5. Package pricing (cost of travel, equipment used)
  6. Post production

Our services that our wedding photographers provide-

  1. Offers very attractive wedding photography package
  2. Our package includes unlimited coverage of pictures captures by our professionals
  3. Photographers display your wedding pictures in a very beautiful form of album, frames, prints, etc.
  4. Designed wide range of combinations of styles that easily suitable in everyone’s budget
  5. If there is requirement of cinematography then we combine our services for cinematography with the wedding photography
  6. Our photographers use advanced cameras, and impressive ranges of equipment that gives more beautiful picture with better quality

Examples of our some wedding photography shots that capture by wedding photographers-

  1. Bride walking down stairs shot
  2. Prep shots of bride & groom
  3. Holding hands – bride & groom
  4. Take shot of bride & groom with and without their family
  5. Food shot
  6. Taking the shots of guest
  7. Taking the shots of outfits of bride & groom

Different styles of wedding photography that our photographers do-

  1. Traditional wedding photography
  2. Fashion wedding photography
  3. Artistic wedding photography
  4. Documentary wedding photography
  5. Editorial style wedding photography
  6. Dramatic style wedding photography
  7. Digital wedding photography

Some types of wedding photography that our photographers do such as-

  1. Informal wedding photography
  2. Photojournalism wedding photography
  3. Traditional wedding photography
  4. Trash the wedding outfits photography

Contact us-

Just give us one call on 0458 673913 (Monty Duggal) for fixing your appointment with our experts or mail us your query on


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