High Quality Indian Wedding Photographer In Sydney

About us-

Longman Studios the leading wedding photography company in Sydney because of our best wedding photographers who’ve years of experience in this filed.

We’re specialized in Indian wedding photography and our photographers use new advanced cameras that give more beautiful picture quality. You can see our website and gallery so that you’ll get the idea of our work.

Want to capture your wedding with us then just place one call and choose your type of wedding photographers.


Indian wedding photographers-

Indian wedding photographer’s captures all type of Indian wedding like Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Jain, Tamil, and many more. They’re expert in their work and know how to click pictures with the profession; the job of wedding photographers is to make your day more special day that’s memorable for rest of your life.

Remember some points while hiring Indian wedding photographer-

  1. Always do some research and become familiar with their different style of photography
  2. Have an idea of your budget
  3. When you done with the selection of photographers then just see their galleries for getting the idea of their work
  4. Always choose that photographer who’ve already done wedding style as yours
  5. Also, read their testimonials on their websites and know more about them, their work, etc.

Type and style of Indian wedding photography that our photographers do-

  1. Candid wedding photography
  2. Traditional wedding photography
  3. Drone photography
  4. Wedding cinematography
  5. Camera crane photography

Different type of Indian wedding and their photographers-

  1. Hindu wedding photographer
  2. Marathi wedding photographer
  3. Muslim wedding photographer
  4. Sikh wedding photographer
  5. Tamil wedding photographer
  6. Jain wedding photographers
  7. Christen wedding photographers
  8. Bengali wedding photography
  9. Rajasthani wedding photographer

Benefits of hiring the Indian wedding photographers

  1. They’ve a perfection, quality in their work and capture beautiful pictures of your wedding
  2. They’ve the creativity
  3. Knowledge of different styles, posses, etc.
  4. Use advanced cameras

Our photographers know how to photograph Indian wedding-

  1. Firstly they’ll meet bride and groom
  2. Know everything about your wedding process
  3. They’ll discuss everything about the shot like planned shots or candid shots
  4. Need a second photographer
  5. Use lights
  6. Take family photo
  7. Photography coordinator
  8. Last but not the least go for the shots and capture pictures

Main events in Indian wedding

  1. Sangeet
  2. Mehndi
  3. Var mala
  4. Bidaai
  5. Reception
  6. Pre wedding shoot



indian wedding

Favorite shot of our Indian wedding photographers-

  1. Hand in hand shot
  2. Take a shot of dresses of bride & groom
  3. Family picture shot

Contact us-

For fixing your appointment or want to know more about us just give us one call.


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