Longman Studios – Best Photographers Who Make Your Day More Special

Wedding day is a very special day and everyone wants to capture that moment and keep it with them for years to come. In Indian wedding there are so many different types of culture, rituals, etc. present and every ritual have different meaning and joy.


You must be thinking that in India there are different cast, religions are present so we’ve the photographers for them or not. It’s our job to provide our best photographers who make your day more special with their work.

We’ve some types of our best Indian wedding photographers in sydney:

  1. Marathi
  2. Sikh
  3. Hindu
  4. Muslim
  5. Jain
  6. Christen

Services that we provide to our clients such as:

  1. Provide photographers for different occasions
  2. Give pictures in a form of album, frames, etc.
  3. We offer stunning photos and cinematic packages
  4. You can chat with us discuss everything before the ceremony

In Indian wedding there is lots of fun that our photographers see and enjoy their work. There are many events that people want to capture such as

  1. Mehndi
  2. Sangeet
  3. Haldi
  4. Var mala
  5. Phera
  6. Bidaai
  7. Reception

We’re different from others and have the best photographers’ team in Sydney. They understand each n everything related to your ceremony and capture every single moment, activity in their cameras. The cameras, equipment we use are highly advanced with the new technology that gives better picture quality.


Our favorite demanding shots like:

  1. Click picture of outfits of bride & groom
  2. Hand in hand shot
  3. Family picture
  4. Individual pictures of bride & groom
  5. Click pictures of guests & friends

There’re so many other options but why you choose us because:

  1. We’ve best photographers who’ve years of experience
  2. Use advanced cameras with new lenses
  3. Better equipment
  4. Use drone for taking the whole view of the wedding

Our team has the ability to make your day more special and capture pictures with the profession. They also do pre- wedding shoot, destination wedding, etc. because they’re best in their work and know how to click a best picture.


About us-

Longman studios are one of the best wedding photography companies in Sydney. Our team makes us best because of their different style of work.

We’ve best Indian wedding photographers team. They provide attractive services to our clients and deliver pictures in beautiful form of albums, frames, etc. on time.

If you’re looking for photographers so feels free to contact us at any time. See our websites.

Contact us-

Give us one call on our official number.

02 9613 0731

0458 673913 (Monty Duggal)


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