Best Indian wedding photographers team in Sydney

Longman studios are one of the best wedding photography companies in Sydney. Our team makes us best because of their different style of work.

We’ve best Indian wedding photographers team. They provide attractive services to our clients and deliver pictures in beautiful form of albums, frames, etc. on time.


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Wedding day is a very special day and everyone wants to capture that moment and keep it with them for years to come. In Indian wedding there’re so many different types of culture, rituals, etc. present and every ritual have different meaning and joy.


You must be thinking that in India there’re different cast, religions are present so we’ve the photographers for them or not. It’s our job to provide our best photographers who make your day more special with their work.

We’ve some types of our best Indian wedding photographers:

  1. Marathi
  2. Sikh
  3. Hindu
  4. Muslim
  5. Jain
  6. Christen

Services that we provide to our clients such as:

  1. Provide photographers for different occasions
  2. Give pictures in a form of album, frames, etc.
  3. We offer stunning photos and cinematic packages
  4. You can chat with us discuss everything before the ceremony


In Indian wedding there is lots of fun that our photographers see and enjoy their work. There’re many events that people want to capture such as

  1. Mehndi
  2. Sangeet
  3. Haldi
  4. Var mala
  5. Phera
  6. Bidaai
  7. Reception

We’re different from others and have the best photographers’ team in Sydney. They understand each n everything related to your ceremony and capture every single moment, activity in their cameras. The cameras, equipment we use are highly advanced with the new technology that gives better picture quality.

Our favorite demanding shots like:

  1. Click picture of outfits of bride & groom
  2. Hand in hand shot
  3. Family picture
  4. Individual pictures of bride & groom
  5. Click pictures of guests & friends

There’re so many other options but why you choose us because:

  1. We’ve best photographers who’ve years of experience
  2. Use advanced cameras with new lenses
  3. Better equipments
  4. Use drone for taking the whole view of the wedding


Our team has the ability to make your day more special and capture pictures with the profession. They also do pre- wedding shoot, destination wedding, etc. because they’re best in their work and know how to click a best picture.

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Longman Studios- Australia Top Wedding Photographer Sydney

Everyone wants to capture their special moment and keep it with them for so many years. But it only happens when you’ve the wedding photographers.

We understand that it’s your most auspicious day and as a wedding photographer it’s our job to capture each n every activity during the ceremony like playing kids, happiness, etc.


Some types of photographers we’ve for the different types of ceremonies such as:

  1. Indian
  2. Bangladeshi
  3. Pakistani
  4. Asian
  5. Australian
  6. Islamic

We offer you our best service that is attract more n more customers to us such as:

  1. Our team is a combination of style and elegance to create the stunning picture quality
  2. We offers stunning cinematic packages
  3. Have the wide ranges of styles or designs of album
  4. Display beautiful pictures in prints, albums, frames, etc.

Our photographers are best from others because they’ve ability to capture every moment that you won’t to miss such as:

  1. They provides extremely personal, impressive and attentive service
  2. They’ve the skills to capture every activity perfectly

You must know about our famous shots that in higher demand and we feels happy always when our clients were happy with our job. Here’re our some famous and most demanded shots are:

  1. Bride & groom sit together
  2. Family picture
  3. Wedding invitation card
  4. Outfits of bride & groom shot
  5. Rings shot
  6. Vintage
  7. Ceremony décor shot

You need them because you want to keep this memory alive in a form of pictures. They’re important because they know how to click a picture with a better quality by using the advanced lenses that gives more beautiful picture. There’re so many styles of wedding photography and we do some styles like:

  1. Artistic
  2. Dramatic
  3. Digital
  4. Editorial
  5. Traditional
  6. Documentary
  7. Fashion

Due to these styles they’ll make your day more memorable and special by clicking pictures of ceremony. And in every ceremony it’s important to have a photographer.


About us-

Longman Studios is one of top leading and trustee wedding Photography Companies in Sydney. Our team makes us best because they use new advanced cameras, lenses, and other equipment that help in taking the picture.

We’re specialized in wedding photography doesn’t matter what type of ceremony is, you freely contact us at any time for taking the appointment.

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Best Indian wedding photographers & Photography Inspiration

About us-

We’re one of the leading wedding photography companies in Sydney because of our best wedding photographers who’ve experience and professional in this field.

Longman Studios specialized in Indian wedding photography because we’ve best photographers for Indian wedding. We love to spread our services for making your day more special.13-1Best Indian wedding photographers-

They captures pictures with the perfections and that thing make them best wedding photographer. They’ve a different style of doing work, taking picture, etc. because they’ve years of experience, they use advanced new camera for getting the better picture quality, lenses, etc.

In Indian wedding photography there is so much fun in functions like dancing, music, etc. each ritual having deep meaning of it.

Different types of Indian wedding and their best wedding photographers-

  1. Marathi wedding photographers
  2. Hindu wedding photographers
  3. Christen wedding photographers
  4. Muslim wedding photographers
  5. Bengali wedding photographers
  6. Tamil wedding photographers
  7. Sikh wedding photographers
  8. Rajasthani wedding photographers
  9. Jain wedding photographers

Best Indian wedding Photographers knows how to photograph an Indian wedding-

  1. Have a meeting with bride and groom
  2. They know everything about wedding process like rituals, etc.
  3. Discuss everything about shot that what types of shot you want we take like candid shots, etc.
  4. If there is requirement of another photographer then they need second photographer for the same work
  5. Use lights for having the better picture quality
  6. Click family picture
  7. Photography coordinator
  8. After discussing all the things go for the shots and click the pictures

12-1Benefits of hiring the best Indian wedding photographers

  1. Feasibility
  2. They’re experienced as well as professionals
  3. Equipment
  4. Personalizes services
  5. Use new advanced photography

Main events in Indian wedding where the need of photographers is must

  1. Mehndi
  2. Sangeet
  3. Phere
  4. Reception
  5. Bidaai

Some styles of Indian wedding photographers-

  1. Crane camera photography
  2. Candid wedding photographer
  3. Traditional wedding photography
  4. Wedding cinematography
  5. Drone photography

Favorite shots of best Indian wedding photographers-

  1. Horizontal bride shot
  2. Cigar shot
  3. Hand in hand shot
  4. Vintage bike shot
  5. Family picture
  6. Jumping shot

Importance of best Indian wedding photographers-

  1. Plan everything together with your photographer
  2. Discuss the shots that you want in advance
  3. Set up locations ahead of time
  4. Assign family members to work with the photographers
  5. Gathering moments for the future

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Indian wedding photographers in Sydney

Wedding is one of the most special day comes in everyone’s life. For the bride and groom, everything should be perfect like perfect venue, food, wedding dress, décor, etc. this the day that everyone wants remember the rest of their life. Wedding photographers makes that day more special by capturing the best moments in the form of pictures.

wedding photography.jpg

What’re the benefits of hiring the Indian wedding photographer-?

  1. They have perfection
  2. Creativity
  3. Knowledge of good technicality
  4. Exceptional service

Types or styles of Indian wedding photographers-

  1. Traditional wedding photographers
  2. Candid wedding photographers
  3. Videographer wedding photographers
  4. Wedding cinematography
  5. Drone photography
  6. Camera crane photographers

Use some tips while hiring the Indian wedding photographers-

  1. Don’t really on just top 10 searches on Google
  2. Look at their gallery from a single Indian wedding that they captured
  3. Read their testimonials not only on website but also see on the other media platform
  4. Always look for the photographers who’ve done or shoot weddings in set ups that similar to yours

Types of Indian wedding photographers

  1. Marathi wedding photographers
  2. Bengali wedding photographers
  3. Punjabi wedding photographer
  4. Christen wedding photographer
  5. Hindu wedding photographers
  6. Jain wedding photographers


Whatever type of wedding you were doing there is photographers for that and makes your day more special. They capture each n every activity during the wedding so that you’ve the memory in a form of beautiful pictures.

How to photograph an Indian wedding-

  1. Firstly meet the couple
  2. Planned shots VS candid shots
  3. Photography coordinator
  4. Know everything about your wedding process
  5. Need of second photographer
  6. Family photo
  7. Lights
  8. At the end go for the shots

Some of the important events in Indian wedding-

  1. Mehndi
  2. Sangeet
  3. Var Mala
  4. Phera
  5. Bidaai

About us-

We’re the best wedding photography company in Sydney. We’ve the best photographers for every type of wedding. We’re specialized in Indian wedding photography because we’ve the best photographers who’ve the years of experience.

Our team of photographers will make your wedding day most memorable day of your life by capturing the beautiful moments like happiness, joy, fun, etc. they use new advanced technology cameras that have the advanced features that gives better picture quality. Want to know more see our website.

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The Important Role of Wedding Photographers in Wedding

Who’re the wedding photographers?

Wedding photographers captures every activities that related to the weddings, doesn’t matter what type of wedding is they just captures whole things and makes your wedding day more special by their photography.


Role of wedding photographers-

They play an important role during the wedding, because it’s most auspicious day of your life and they just captures that moment. They capture each n every activity of every function during the wedding and give it back to you in the form of photo album.

We know what you look in wedding photographers

  1. They’ll tell you about the equipment, camera, etc. everything and always have the backup plans.
  2. Take a look at their portfolio because each photographer has their own portfolio
  3. They offers cost packages because it’s according to your budget
  4. Always select photographers those click the better pictures and give you the comfort.

Types of wedding photography-

Our wedding photographers do photography for any type such as:

  1. Trash the wedding dress photography
  2. Traditional wedding photography
  3. Photojournalism wedding photography
  4. Informal wedding photography

Our services for the wedding photographer in Sydney

  1. We offers attractive and stunning wedding photography package through the country
  2. Typically our packages includes unlimited coverage of photo by the professionals
  3. We display the wedding pictures in beautiful frames, prints, albums, etc.
  4. We’ve designed the wide range of combinations that suitable in everyone’s budget
  5. Also we combine our service of cinematography with the wedding photography
  6. We’ve the advanced and impressive ranges of equipment that gives the better quality of pictures

See what our photographers can do for you

Whatever type of wedding you’re doing our photographers will make sure that they capture every activity and understand as well as know the rituals so that they capture the good pictures.


Our team of photographers has the skills in creating the uniqueness in the images due to which whenever you see the pictures you’ll remember those moments.

Styles of wedding photography that done by the photographers-

  1. Digital
  2. Film
  3. Classic
  4. Artistic
  5. Lifestyle
  6. Dramatic
  7. Documentary

About us-

Longman Studios one of the best wedding photography company in Sydney and have the photographers teams who’ve the years of experience, talent, knowledge, etc. we’re no. 1  because our photographers team combine the styles and capture the stunning, beautiful pictures & video.

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You can call us at any time on 0458 673913 also send us your quarry on our mail Id Want to know more about us then see our website and check our project details, gallery.

Longman Studios | Best Pakistani Wedding Videos And Photographer Sydney

Wedding is a very special day for everyone’s life doesn’t matter what type of religion, cast you’ve. On this day, you do all the things that you dream and almost everything is done that you’ve imagined. Your religion, cast is different but the grandeur is common and it’s by default that there is most important thing is matter that’s love, your happiness, wishes, lights, music, dance, colors, and so on is same in all the weddings.

Some of the people celebrate their wedding in extravagant style and some celebrate in somber style, whatever style they choose, the wedding photography is important and it’s done during the events or functions. Pakistani wedding is famous for its ethnic style of marriage with the flowers and big jhumkas, where the bride wear very heavy outfit like sharara or lehnga and groom in a sherwani or proper suits.


The photographers love capturing the pictures in these weddings because they see the exciting and exuberant events, Where the bride in a very heavy attire with the beautiful and attractive henna on her hands and many more. Capturing these small and lovely moments in the camera, then weaving them into a beautiful story that filled with the love, and making it best moment of your life it’s a very challenging task for our photographers.

For this, we provide our best team of Pakistani Wedding Videos and Photographer who’re experienced and excellent skills in capturing the moving unfolds scenes that’s look very natural and done in a candid way where the images speaks millions of words. If you really need to have or store the memories of your wedding in the form of beautiful album then our team will give you the picture quality and pictures that you needed.

In Pakistani wedding functions are very less but very amazing to see like dholki, mehndi, nikah, reception, rastogi (farewell). Doing photography in Pakistani wedding is very challenging because there is no fixed time for clicking many pictures. In this kind of wedding the time is very less to click the picture because so much happenings around them. The main event is nikah day in which nikahnama is signed and then wedding is over. It’s a very colorful traditional and beautiful apparel for the bride and groom or for the audience something that you can’t miss in this wedding. They look stunning by their looks and outfits.

Contact us for making your day so special with the photographs. For more information, you can see our website and contact us on our no.

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Wedding photographers in Sydney | Longman Studios

Capturing the most special day of your life with us, wedding plays an important role in everyone’s life, and everyone wants to captured that moment and have it with them for the years to come and they can share with their children’s, family and friends.


It’s an photography of many activities that related to the wedding, it encompasses the photographs of the bride and groom before marriage as well as the captures your whole wedding and reception part. You’ll get many types of photographers for your wedding like

  1. The friend
  2. The glutton
  3. The emotional
  4. The chatterbox
  5. The playboy

You can choose one of them or take all for capturing more pictures with emotions, love, and happiness. It doesn’t matter what type of region, cast you belong or what type of wedding you were doing, our team of photographers have knowledge of every type of wedding like Bangladeshi, Pakistani, christen, Indian wedding etc. they know about the rituals, functions that happen in every wedding and they captures that celebration in the cameras.

Our photographers know their job and work, they understand your point that what type of picture you want and have in your album and people demanded our some shorts like

  1. Running together shot
  2. An vintage bike shot that’s ‘oh look’
  3. Food fight shot because its look very cute
  4. Cigar shot
  5. The horizontal bride shot
  6. Ground jump shot

We’re known for our specialization in photography, we capture every picture with the fine arts, our team click every single moment of your marriage or before marriage day, you can’t missed anything because we click every moment. we’re your dream catchers, tells story through our pictures, we’ll be the part of your wedding give you the most remembering moments that you never forget in the form of pictures in the beautiful and attractive album. Every ritual, couple is different from each other that’s reflect your lifestyle, the picture give result as just you want and pictures tells their own story.

We used advanced technology of cameras for getting more effective or better quality of picture. Apart from the wedding photographers, Monty Duggal is famous Wedding photographers in Sydney. We provide you the photographers for your pre- wedding shoot, engagement shoot, bachelor’s party, etc.

You can contact us at any time for making your special day more special with our photographers; you can see our website for knowing more also get the idea that how we work.

Longman Studios
Longman Studios 93 Wigram Street Harris Park, NSW 2150
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